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LUX offers the very best in fine jewelry, body piercing, tattoo and barber services. We stand behind every service with pride while providing a clean and safe environment for all. 


   Other things you need to know before your appointment:

You are required to show ID when being pierced and tattooed.  If you are requesting your minor child be pierced, we require your ID, their birth certificate, and the child's school, military, state ID or passport.  If your child does not have a photo ID please obtain one before your visit.

Your deposit for piercing pays for your piercing fees.  Jewelry will be purchased at your appointment.  We do not pierce with jewelry that has been used or from companies that are not APP compliant manufacturers.

Deposits are non refundable. Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need

to reschedule. Deposits are forfeited if proper notice is not given, you

are late, or otherwise unprepared. You may reschedule once with 

appropriate notice without losing your deposit.

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