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Super Important Info about Services

We are a luxury studio that does not give off a pretentious or uptight vibe. We believe everyone deserves excellence while feeling comfortable with your surroundings and artist.  To help walk you through what to expect, we're going to run through all our requirements as well as perks when you come visit us. It is our goal to provide a safe environment for Everyone no matter orientation, identity or race. If for any reason you feel we could do more, please let us know at your visit or by shooting us a text at 406-393-0602.

Noah Zimmerman is our incredibly talented realism tattoo artist that works in black and gray. There is availability for smaller scale work limited to roughly one day a month. Nosh offers tattoos to those ages  17 and over. On occasion exceptions are made based on the individual. Tattoos are by appointment only and can be set up by messaging @noahzim.tattoos on Instagram. Specific details to your appointment will be disclosed when booking.

Our barber is Rafa Rivera who'd been established in Billings over a decade. Rafa cuts hair for kids and adults. We ask that you not leave during your child's appointment if the are under 16. Appointments can be made at as walk ins are not accepted. All other services listed on this link are performed at a different location.

With over 25 years experience, our piercer is Erin Justice. Please remember that piercing your under age children requires them to bring their birth certificate AND a second form of ID. Acceptable ID can be one of the following: school, military, passport, power school, or a combination of other options if you do not have these. There are age restrictionthat you need to be aware of. If you feel your child is ready for a piercing but doesn't meet our age requirement, please feel free to text the shop at 406-393-0602 to discuss.

EAR LOBES:  0 to 12 months then 6 years and over. Piercing is not offered to kids between 1 and 6 at this time but is subject to change. 

2nd to 3rd LOBES: 6 years and over

HELIX: 10 years and over



All other piercings are 16 years and older. This includes but is not limited to more that 1 piercing other than lobes, industrial, anchor, etc

Kaylen is our piercing apprentice and jewelry specialist. If you'd like to allow her the opportunity to pierce you, please text 406-393-0602

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